The mobile Fuel Polishing Service from Costa Blanca Yacht Services offers the following


  • On site fuel tank cleaning with no disruption to normal operation.
  • Removal of all water and other contaminates leaving the fuel clean and sparkling.
  • Internal camera inspection of tank if required with photo report.
  • Improved engine performance, lower filter use and better fuel economy



Diesel fuel contamination is probably the largest cause of breakdown and failure of diesel engines in boats, trucks, buses, standby generators,as well as domestic and industrial heating systems. The contamination is normally started by the introduction of water, either from the original source, leakage into the tank or from condensation. This water encourages the growth of algae, normally Cladisporium Resinae. The algae needs water to provide its oxygen for growth and the fuel to provide its food. This airborne algae grows very quickly and can soon become a significant problem in any untreated tank. The growth of this fuel bug as well as the build up of waxes and resins occurring naturally in the fuel lead to heavy sludge build up, blocked filters and carbon deposits on injectors and within the fuel system. Not only do these problems lead to engine failure and poor performance and poor fuel economy but they promote internal corrosion of the fuel tank.