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Repairing previous poor repairs to a flooding catamaran

Whilst sailing off the Costa Brava coast the new owner of this lovely catamaran noticed flooding in one of the hulls and luckily made it into the safe hands of the CBYS team in Torrevieja International Marina.

Once out of the water we found that the previous hull repairs carried out in France, had opened up allowing the water to flood in.

To finish, the hulls were then given several coats of epoxy primer followed by a full CopperCoat treatment, giving 10+ years of fouling free sailing.

The CBYS team were really pleased to return the boat to its delighted owner. 

Even the professional survey (not CBYS) prior to buying this lovely catamaran hadn’t found these previous (poorly done) repairs to the hull.The construction method of this boat, as is many catamarans, was a double skin of fibreglass with a core of 30mm balsa wood and foam making a sandwich construction which provides a relatively strong hull without excessive weight.
The problem with this type of construction is that if water accesses the internal core it saturates the balsa and is very difficult to dry out.
Working closely with a local professional surveyor the team here at Costa Balance Yacht Services removed the old section of hull and replaced with new balsa and foam bonded in with epoxy resin and a new skin of GRP laid over it and faired to provide the original hull shape.
We also found several other poorly repaired sections of hull just waiting to cause future problems, which we also repaired, restoring the full integrity of the hull.


The team at Costa Blanca Yacht Services is skilled in the handling and application of both polyester and epoxy resins.

Modern boat builders have capitalized on the endurance and strength of synthetic resins for construction and finish work.

From small repair to laminations, blisters and hull patching through to major structural rebuilds, we are confident you will be more than satisfied with our work.

With experience of working with the best marine surveyors and major insurance companies, we have a solid reputation for any insurance and damage repairs to GRP and composites.

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