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Extend the life of your sails by regular cleaning

Why not have your sails professionally cleaned whilst having your rigging survey or other rigging work carried out?

Sails Clean have been making and looking after sails and all kinds for more than 15 years, because of that they know exactly what they are doing with your sails.

Together we're offer a cleaning service with treatments for the toughest stains, with soaking and soft chlorine free water prewashing.

The process is handmade using only biodegradable, chloride free sail specific cleaning products.



Sails aren’t cheap, and it makes sense to maintain them just as you would maintain a diesel engine or a set of winches. We recommend that your sails should be competently inspected, mended, and washed regularly.That's why Costa Blanca Yacht Services has teamed up with      Sails Clean to offer you an affordable, quality assured and environmentally friendly solution.

Sails always come out of sail washing brighter and looking like a new sail!


Environmentally friendly, only biodegradable, chlorine free, sail specific cleaning products are used.

Sail Cleaning