SODA  BLASTING - media blasting with Sodium Bicarbonate

MEDIA BLASTING, but with the  delicate touch of Sodium Bicarbonate!


Traditional blasting is usually carried out with sand or grit, often leaving some damage, such as pitting or perforation, to even metal surfaces.  Cars, boats, aircraft, metal bridges etc. have all suffered surface damage while their owners or managers strive for a perfect surface for  painting.



SodaBlasting uses only 100% water soluble Sodium Bicarbonate, which removes the paint without ANY damage to the surface underneath.  It can be used not only on metal, but also on fibreglass (as found on boats and cars), to remove graffiti from concrete, and to clean many other specialized materials. The non-flammable properties of Sodium Bicarbonate allow it to be used for cleaning in the petroleum industry where other methods cannot be used.  The non-toxic properties of SodaBlasting mean that it can also be used in areas used for processing food, etc.

It's quicker, cleaner and eco-friendly.  

It will soon be the only way to blast.  

It's now available on the Costa Blanca at Costa Blanca Yacht Services.  





Most boat bottoms have never been completely stripped, simply because it is costly and very labour-intensive using conventional methods. Instead, one coat of paint is applied over another and another and so on. Eventually, all that is left are layered coats of peeling paint and possible gelcoat failure. Not such a pretty sight, but, more importantly the hull integrity is diminished, as is boat operating performance due to a rough bottom surface and the added weight of excessive layers of paint.

The answer is SodaBlasting; an air pressure driven, non-destructive method of cleaning and paint stripping for fibreglass, wood, steel, aluminium and other materials. SodaBlasting is fast, cost effective and flexible. SodaBlasting will remove the layers of old paint without harming the gelcoat. Most boats can be soda blasted in just one day with a much more thorough outcome than traditional methods. Areas around through-hulls, running strakes and prop pockets and be cleaned like never before. SodaBlasting will prepare the surface for gelcoat repair, possible application of an epoxy barrier coating and application of new anti-fouling bottom paint. This will ensure years of coating life service and better operating performance because of reduced weight and less drag.

In summary, SodaBlasting will support and sustain good hull integrity while improving performance in speed for sailing and motor craft with lower fuel cost.