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With our expertise in fitting out boats and sailing we are able to design and construct many different types of instrument arches for sailing yachts, catamarans, motor boats and semi rigid boats. We use only top grade 316 marine stainless steel and design the arch to fit your boat and for the purpose that you need, solar panels, antenaes, dinghy supports and lights. They are custom made to be 100% fit for purpose on your boat.

As well as fabricating arches in stainless steel we can also use marine grade aluminium which gives a greater weight to load ratio and for enhanced good looks we can build from a core of aluminium and add balsa for shape and carbon fibre with epoxy resin for added strength. This can produce a very strong and durable arch fit for carrying dinghys and also sprayed with polyurethane paint to match the boats colour scheme.

 Our stainless steel dept can fabricate stainless steel tanks for fuel, water or waste to exact sizes for your boat. This enable you to maximise the space available for the largest tank capacity possible.

Swimming platforms can be fabricated to match the exact profile of the stern of the boat and constructed in sturdy stainless steel with reinforced fixings to the boat. The platform can be fitted with teak infils or polyester can be formed around the stainles frame to provede fully enclosed platform

Stainless Steel Fabrication