Costa Blanca Yacht Services can now offer a full maintenance, repair and installation service for all makes of watermakers.  As you know, if a watermaker is left it must be flushed and cleaned.  
Now with the regular servicing by CBYS your watermaker can be kept in peak condition by being run every few weeks while you are away, making sure that it continues to produce first class water all of the time without expensive cleaning and treatment.


  • Regular running and inspection service includes:
  • Visit to boat every 3 weeks to check installation
  • Running unit for 30 minutes to flush and refresh
  • Shutting down system correctly for short term storage
  • Low cost only €30 per visit


Change of all prefilters:

  • Visit to  boat and change the 2 prefilters and the carbon after filter, cost including filters €55


Change RO membranes on all makes of watermakers:

  • Cost depending on make and model


Complete installation of basic to fully automatic watermaker systems

  • Please contact the team for a quotation.